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by Gracie 07.02.13
i remember coming here pre-renovation and all I can say is WOW, how things change! Luckily in this case, its for the better.....I'm blown away by how much work they put into the decor. Has an awesome "beer garden" and is overall HUGE with 3 or 4 bars on several levels. Highly recommended for a night of debauchery!
by ashli 07.02.13
more of a wine bar than an outright pub, La Cave has over 300 varieties to choose from (mostly French vintages) and an alluring atmosphere. They also have regular wine tasting evenings if you're looking to learn more about the craft! Have never tried the food, but it looks really good.
by paul 07.02.13
probably Dublin's most notorious gay bar...while not gay myself, I'm an ally and have been there several times with my queer mates. Amazingly open atmosphere with good drink specials and fantastic entertainment on pretty much any given night
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